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Saturday, augustus 26, 2006

Snake spotting

While hanging from the window and smoking a sigarette, I saw on the wall in front of me a little grey snake, at first I thought it to be a shoe lace, but when it moved I was certain of it. The length is aprox. 12-16 inches (30-40 cm's). It's got wite / lightly yellow stripes on the head.

I enquired with the local habitants, but they cannot agree, viper, viperine, mechant, pas mechant.

Wie weet welke slang dit is

To everybody; thanks for your responds, now we know this is the Couleuvre verte et jaune

I wondered, which type of snake this was, because for all I knew, this could be the poisonous byting type. The Question ' wich snake is this' resulted in many reactions, most pointed in the direction od the 'Couleuvre' species. On the internet one can find all sorts of serpents photographed, but even the serpents from the same species can look differently with various colours. To recognize the right one is very difficult, at first we thought it to be the Couleuvre à collier (Natrix natrix). But after a reaction with an image include, I knew for certain this is a Couleuvre verte et jaune, also known as the Dark Green Snake. (Dutch name Geelgroene Toornslang and Latin name Coluber viridiflavus).

From various descriptons I found on the internet, I learned this groundhabitant also climbs bushes and rocks very well, wich explains why I saw this one on top of a 9 feet wall. I also read this species can be as long as 1,50 to 1,95 meter. Before the little onse I saw reach this length, we'll be living in our own house, half a mile further down the road and we won't see these anymore. But I do wonder: what will I find in our own garden.


Is dat een neefje van me?

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