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Thursday, august 31, 2006

French coffee

Today we finished the last of the Dutch coffee, and I must say: that's horrible because - as I told before - it┤s hard to get used to certain things. It┤s not that the French can help, they really try to satisfy every European coffee drinker at their whims. Between the racks loaded with all sorts of coffee, from which you know most taste horrible, you find the one and only DE coffee. The packing is slightly different, the package is a bit smaller, but it cannot be mistaken, this is truly coffee from the Netherlands

  Now you think it will last forever… And now you regret having drunk such a define pack of coffee without second thoughts in less than five days

Finally we don't have to eagerly await Ron and Judith, who's car is fully loaded with sprinkles from De Ruyter, kilo's of sketchbooks, and packs of DE coffee, or a package from Holland with colored sprinkles, tobacco and of course (you can smell it) Dutch coffee. Full of bravery you yell: adieu Holland, we don't need you anymore!

Let me introduce to you.... Judith and Ron on a French pavement café, not drinking coffee, that's for sure.

You paddle happily back home, or nor... paddling is not necessary, because there is no wind and the 4 miles (6km) from the Super U to the Boulevard de Guizard is one straight road down. Something to look forward to, a real Dutch cup of coffee, that nice perfume, with a little steam cloud above it, Yeah.

You arrive at the house, and hold your breath when clipping open the pack and smell. Sniff, hmmmm. Smells suspicious. Well not so gloomy, let' s first make a cup. But at the first sip you know for sure: another of those dirty cups of French coffee with a taste like petroleum that will hang in your nose for a week at least.

You put down your cup on the table and sit back on the couch. You look outside. The air is grey. It's raining. Black rims appear beneath your eyes and you think: if the coffee wasn't so awful, I'd swear I was back in the Netherlands.


what's the fuss about, i don't drink coffee anyway

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