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Wednesday, september 6, 2006

Holiday Orphans

When I passed by the bathroom mirror this morning and looked at myself, I got a fright, ai ai ai, what a baggy eyes... this French coffee is very unhealthy. But the reactions from my members of the family, indicated there was something else, I've got a black eye. Well the traffic signs in the middle of the French pavement may be darn handy for the drivers. But when as an unsuspecting pedestrian one walks into one of them, your less happy. So now i walk outside with my sunglasses, or else Ruud will get blamed for this.

The black eye is a memento to a stray dog that followed us when in search for his rightful owner. And i can say, the desperation in those eyes of this poor animal was heartbreaking, i will never get used to that. If you've got your attention for this (by the way, not only in France) you will very often see - especially at car parks - stray dogs. They usually wear a collar and initially look well cared after. But when you see an odd combination of dogs from a German shepherd to a French poodle, scavenging garbage bins you can tell: accidentally forgotten on the way to their holiday address.

One can wish something bad to people who do these kind of things, but they don't give a shit, next year they'll have another puppy again for the kids, and they won't eat a sausage less for it.

But it is not that easy anymore to throw out your pet on the streets these days. Because for transport between European countries, pets have to have a transponder chip or tattoo ear mark which will match the details of the owner.

Of course i can wear sunglasses, but that does not liberate me from the thoughts of the creative solutions that those loving daddies and mummies whom wish for an carefree and pet-less holiday will certainly find.

Holiday orphan (Furby in the bag)


Ithink i lost my owner... did I have one?

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