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Dinsdag, 11 september 2007

Regularly used expressions

Before we moved to France i spoke french, that is to say... I mayored in French and in my youth French was spoken by my uncles and aunts imported from France and Africa.

From that time I learned an inpeccable pronounciation, but thats all it was. So from the moment we emigrated i listen to the French Radio, watch French TV, attend French lessons, learn French words and read the French newspapers. And finally after harrasing myself for over a year, I am finally beginning to understand the language and speak it fairly wel too.
Ok there are some freaky talents that do all this much faster. Ruud attended two years of French during high-school, but by some miraculous way he always understands what it is about. It is not fair, but I believe this to be one of those testosteron things.

Whatever, before we emigrated, I was searching for all thos everyday expressions, and whatever the quality of the electronic version of the dictionaries. Learning french is something done in the streets, in the cafe and not from a book of words. To make it easy for everyone, I created a list with regularly used expressions. Short frases that are easy to remember. Its not always the best of French for it's ‘français parlé’ the spoken version, but still well understandable.

I will regularly update this list. And if you feel the need to add, or correct, please let us know..... have fun!

You will find the complete list in TIPS - French expressions

wat ik zeg

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