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Tuesday, july 31, 2007


The last picture of poessie

Her last photo (july 30, 2007)

This morning my cat has been run over and killed. Écrasé. I took a picture of the imprint she left on the road, a gesture that by some people will be seen as morbid or meaningless self-torment.

Yeah, sure, very meaningless and why would anyone ever do anything meaningless. What are all those people doing with bunches of flowers on such a spot of misfortune. What are they doing there at all? Completely meaningless. Lady Di or another victim of a traffic accident. Thousands of flowers, dolls and prayers on a misfortune spot. Meaningless gestures against meaningless violence.

But I know what they are doing there. They declare their love to someone they cannot reach anymore any other way. They hope to find the essence of their soul there, captured in a puff of wind.

Thousands of flowers, bees, mice, salamanders, fresh fishes… my cat was not Lady Di, nor was she a victim of meaningless violence, but she was my cat and I loved her. I wish I could catch her soul or a spark of it, but she’s gone.

Her imprint is still visible in the coat she slept on last night, her food tray is half eaten and her imprint of blood is still on the road. Until tomorrow, when the storm comes and the last track of her will be washed away for ever.


My friend is no longer there

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