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Monday, December 17, 2007


We just decorated the Christmas tree with the children. A fake tree to be correct, that we bought at the Inter Distribution. After all with t(h)ree exhilarated kittens, a real deliciously smelling Christmas tree has ample chance of survival. But all effort has been in vain, because they like the fake tree even more, it’s lots of fun to them. From time to time the tree seems to move all by it’s self and a bunch of cats appear to have climbed into it. All the things you put up for your domestic animals. Ruud whistled very loud a few times. Yeah, very nasty and mean, but it worked. They understand very well now that the Christmas tree is a no go area. The Christmas rug and the stable under the tree is a whole different thing. That is regularly targeted by a collective cat rowdiness.

poezen in de stal en de boom

Charlotte and Loekie under the Christmas tree

But all well so far, because if they can’t ball around with the baby Jesus Christ, they will find something more sacred, like my cactus or my mothers portrait on the chimney.

We stuck the earth full of bamboo pins, they don´t like that…

Whatever, we decided not to go to the Netherlands this year. We don’t fancy the trip and it’s to expensive. Above all we want to experience the French Christmas rituals from up close complete with all that happens. And that includes the night mass and afterwards soup and warm sandwiches with a richly decorated table and candles. I look forward to that.

Less funny I find the total berserk buying, feeding and lust frenzy of the French. That the Netherlands were god forsaken I new, but in France 85% is catholic. I mean, a little more modesty please. But well, as I said before, time did not completely stop here. The current generation French wants two big cars, a detached house, a lawn, three vacations a year and a magnificent Christmas. And yes, they go on strike until they drop, because all this has to get funding from somewhere.

And yet … at a joint performance of the local choir and the elementary schools of Espalion, the church is fully packed with people and every song is rewarded with a laud applause.
And above all people participate abundandly in charity. You are advised to set a considerable amount aside in advance for all sorts of charity, or otherwise you'r soon at the end of your christmas budget. It all seems contradictionary to my, I don’t get it.

And in between all the buying we tell our children that Santa only gives little presents because how else do I explain that there are children who get little or nothing. Santa is very generous and gives to everybody and not only to rich kids. “So last year we got the Playstation 2 from you two?” was the question in reply from Halldor.

Whatever the answer may be, because of all this generosity I’m yearning for a little extra cash. But I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to apply for a job at the local florist, because after the latest promotion in the local journal I think they can use some extra help …

It must be me, but I saw initially something else

That weird add?, zip it up

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