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Thursday, june 8, 2006

Sexy men and women

Speaking about sexy man and women. Look at the Karwei folder (DIY market) of this week and judge yourself. On the front there is a blond woman holding up a Bosch drill like a gun, clammed with two hands and pointing up. A decorative water fountain from the drill head and you cannot deny it anymore: this is pure porn. And is this the usual Photoshopped fashion troll or a woman of flesh and blood? To my taste, the latter. This woman cannot be Photoshopped, she is to human. And that would make her totally unsuitable for fashion magazines. I never read those magazines, because they are so full of the usual nonsense that even I don't feel attracted to it.

And don't let them yap about targeted audience and so on, because the Karwei folder is read by women as well. Okay, I feel less attracted to the drills then the colored toilet seats, but look at page 15. There she is again, with legs wide apart on high heels behind the barbeque roasting marshmallows. She is just to ordinary plain to be hated by woman, that's the trick.

Yes, research has shown that women look more at other women then men, so how comes? Because a woman wants to know her position in the market, or, can I match up to her or not? And does she look like my neighbor or another neighbor or the teacher at school? That’s what it's about. And that is also the common mistake all those fashion magazines make, because only young precocious eleven year old girls can mirror themselves to the emaciated Barbie’s with pseudo-personality.

I've got an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow and you better not believe I am going to read all those daft magazines, I'll bring along my own copy of the Karwei folder. Well if one searches profundity, one has to read between the lines, but it’s a paper for men and women and above all it's for free.


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