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Monday, june 12, 2006

Removal boxes

Thursday Jan will arrive with a truck and we can start to load up. If everything goes as planned then Jan and Daniëlle will leave on Friday morning with the truck direction south of France. Ruud and Jitze will follow by car with the computers on the backseat. In France we've got Mark who's being dragged from the swimming pool at his holiday location to help moving one hundred and eighty boxes from the truck to the first floor of the apartment at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Yes indeed we do have a bunch of excellent friends.

Ruud will remain in France for at least another week, to arrange all sorts of business, like registering the kids at school, register himself in Espalion, arrange for a car with a French license plate, find a comptable (accountant), ah well, and so on and so on.

How on earth am I going to spend two weeks in total emptiness (no TV !!) with the kids, I don't know yet. I pretend to be on holidays and will only use camping gear and a minimum of clothing for the kids and myself. But at least its way out better, then being swallowed by the boxes. Blub.

My view from the couch in the living ...

have a seat, grab a box ...

Cosey, watching telly ...

And next, read the newspaper in my bed, goodnight ...


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