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Friday, august 11, 2006

Pictures of the House

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Spring 2006
Stan plicks prunes in our garden   The entrance to the house with the drive.
  Behind the house.
Behind the house. Down teh stairs the lean-to of the cave wich is hacked in solid rock.   If you ascend the next stair you'll find the fomrer chicken and dog pen. At the moment this all is inaccessible due to bramles.   Front of the house
Front of the house   View vrom the balcony at the fornt. the house is facing south, so sun all day.   Front of the house
Atticwindow front.   Top of the house   Front house
The kitchen. The bricks are not real but painted.   View from the kitchen.   The side kitchen behnd the large kitchen.
The toilet downstairs   The walls are real granite, not painted, and its loose as you can see   From the hall a magnificent oak staircase. The door on the left leads to the garage and cellar.
Secondflor the bedrooms. This one is at the rear-left. (above the small kitchen).   In the corner of every bedroom there is a fireplace..   I don't recall wich room this is, in total four, one on every corener of the house.
Another fireplace in the bedrooms.   The bathroom   Sink in the bathroom
Bedroom front-left   Fireplace bedroom front-left   And another fireplace
Sink in the bedroom, think that will go   Another beautifull stair case, full of dust, but massive oak, this one leads to the attic.   Stairs to the attic, who wants to help?
The ceilings and walls are all laquer painted.   Staircase window   Garage # 1.
Corridor looking outside   A beautifull 1950 hatstand. Left in the hallway, through the open doors the living.   We'll leave this one in
One of the nicer details. The smal room behind the livingroom, through the window you can see the right of the garden.   Rear of the house, first the small kitchen then the larger one.   Kitchenfloors
Kitchendoor front.   Sink in the little kitchen.   Thanks to Jitze for the photo's spring 2006


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Summer 2006
Spring 2006


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