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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's Autumn. Freezing cold icicles fall down from heaven and beat the roof of the train. The train has halted and awaits the gale to ease down. I'm comfortably inside and have a seat. Drenched latecomers search for a spot but cannot find one. It's such a day when you know: the summer is definitively gone and soon Santa will stop by. But wait, there is something wrong. Happy girls in summer clothing smile at you from the billboards, trees have light green leaves and the geraniums blossom. O yeah, now I remember: it´s May. As I said before three weeks of continuous sunshine in the Netherlands will be irrevocably punished with winter gales, weather it's summer or not.

And the south of France may be slowly turning into a desert, sun there is, the whole summer, and when it rains, everybody is happy with it.

Goodnight to you all.


posted by Ruud at 03:09

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