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Friday, may 19 2006

Termites, lead and asbestos

Urged by many, I have refrained from my adventure with the hangout-negro. Mind you they were all stoned or drunk, so my plans had little chance of success anyway.

Ruud and Jitze returned Wednesday night. Ruud had a splitting headache and Jitze was depressed, because buying houses in France is serious business and nothing to laugh about.

What does worry me a little, is that people congratulate us extensively, as if the house is already ours. But I think it is way to early to start cheering. Buying a house in a state like that in southern France is just about the same as a sperm on its way to fertilize an egg: if one reads how this process works, one cannot understand how women get pregnant.

At this moment there is only a mutual agreement, the Compromis de Vente
(preliminary contract) has not been signed yet. When that happens a period of minimum two or three months follows where all kinds of things have to be checked and arranged for. All of this seems to be the work of the notary, but you’re still dealing with French and you have to chase them up. For the rest things have been fairly easy so far, but I will remain vigilant.

For instance: the notary will keep supervision on a research for the presence of termite, if found, the sale is cancelled. A house can be eaten to the ground in a few of months and being rendered worthless. Termites are common in many parts of France. The chance of being victim to them differs per department. The Aveyron is fairly clean of termites, but one never knows.

A piece of art produced by termites

Next the house has to be checked (also under supervision of the notary) for the presence of asbestos and lead. Not like lead in tubing and plumbing but in paint. I’m almost sure there is asbestos, in the corridor I lifted a corner of the floor covering and a puff of nice white dust cloud appeared, which (I learned later) is an almost certain indication of asbestos. The owner must remove this, but that can again take weeks.

Next there is a chance there is still a mortgage on the house. If this amount appears to be higher then the price of sale, the sale is cancelled. And so on and on, for now I will keep a low profile.

But one thing is for sure: at the Boulevard de Guizard we can take residence in a three bedroom apartment with bath and kitchen. No balcony, but it’s only one level up and just above a pub governed by two elderly women, so this is going to be great fun.

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