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Dinsdag 16 mei 2006


Fear sets in my heart. Today Ruud and Jitze would get a definite reply from the eight mysterious heirs of the house in Espalion: We hoped for 115,000, gambled for 123,000 and feared for 129,000. It became the last, bunch of scrooge's!

It is undescribable what runs through you at a moment like that when you know: I am going to leave here, I am really going to get away. You have the jitters and anyone who says not, is a liar! Thinking about it is fun, making plans too, but actually doing it, especially when dragging two little children into such an insane adventure, is completely of your rockers. I could only stammer a few words " ... but ok, we will see..." , I can't hear more of it, we won't see at all! Its one big drama, don't you get it.

But I feel free as well. I feel like a pebble that has been in the garden of one of these soulless office blocks for years and, by coincidence, has the luck to return to the swirling river where it came from.

When I came home Ruud called with the happy announcement that we still had to wait at least three moths before we could actually enter the house. WHAT!? I had thought we could move in by July. Ruud: "No way, before everything down here is settled with the notary and so, reckon three to four months. Bye!" Click! Line disconnected.

You know what, I'm going to get drunk and have a sling with one of these a big hangout-negro from the neighborhood. I will let you know.

posted by Ruud at 1:56 PM

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