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Tip : how 2 download YouTube movie

Did you know you can download the videos from YouTube or any site to your local drive?

It can be handy if you want to watch a video in slow motion or if you want to be able to watch it off-line. People seem to think that downloading from the internet is illegal but for the moment it is not and we hope it will never be. Uploading on the other hand is restricted. Read more about it in the copyrights section of YouTube.

  1. Right-click on the video in the webpage and select ‘Watch on YouTube’.
  2. Click on the URL next to the video and press <Ctrl>+<c> to copy it.
  3. Start your browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer because this plug-in is not supported in any browser).
  4. Go to
  5. Click on ‘Enter a link’.
  6. Press <Ctrl>+<v> to paste the link.
  7. Click on the ok-button.
  8. Click on ‘Go to the next step’.
  9. Select an output format. Notice that your mediaplayer must be able to play the given format.
  10. Click on the ok-button.
  11. Click on the start-button.
  12. Now wait until the link ‘download’ appears. Click on it.
  13. The video will be downloaded to your local drive (normally in the folder Downloads) and you can watch it in your mediaplayer.

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