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10 tips to practice the Djembé

To be able to play the djembé you must practise a lot. Hereby ten tips to motivate you:

  1. Compare the djembé to a strange language you’re trying to learn: do you think practising once a week is enough to master the language?
  2. I've been adults teacher informatics for twenty years, and I know what it's like to give your utmost while your students don't do their homework. Practice to show your respect for the instructor;
  3. By practising you'll get to know the difference between fast and slow, loud and quiet and all nuances that can't be written down on paper;
  4. Play along with the videos on this site. I use a camera which is not really fit for taking videos but it is loaded with lots of memory so I can record long video’s so you can play along for minutes, as if you're in a real course;
  5. Practising enhances your sense for rhythm;
  6. Practising strengthens your arms. Thus you will play better. If you require muscle toning go to a gym, but that’s something completely different;
  7. By practising you will become more relaxed in a course, making music is a search, not a contest;
  8. You don’t have to train on a djembé. You can drum on your knees, table, steeringwheel, etcetera. It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re aware that you’re practising;
  9. Learn to listen to African music. In the column on the right of the startpage you can find examples of top musicians from Mali. I have chosen them because modern pop music is rooted in Mali.
  10. Practicing alone is not always fun. Anyway, with the videos you will feel less alone. Remember we will soon be playing together again.

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