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Slow down/speed up video playback (ralentir/accelerer video playback)

Earlier I explained how to download YouTube videos to your local disk. With you can save the file as a video or as an audiofile. You can upload an audiofile to your MP3 player or portable telephone.

This way you can listen during your lunch break, at work or in the car. MP3 is the best format for sound. For videos MP4 is the best format. It has a compact size and most mediaplayers can handle it. But sometimes it is better to choose a different format, it all depends on what you want to do.

Tip: If a file does not play sound from your portable phone or from the USB stick, check if it is mp3/mp4 compatible. If not, use another file format.

To play video files from your computer you need a mediaplayer (fra: lecteur). A well known mediaplayer is Windows Media Player, but it's not the only one (WinAmp, QuickTime, iTunes, VLC Media Player, etcetera).

I use three mediaplayers: 1) Media Player Classic (default), a good mediaplayer that works anytime, anywhere, 2) the VLC Media Player for movies and 3) the Windows Media Player for it's advanced options to slow down playback.

Tip: go to to download the various mediaplayers. This is the most suitable place to search and download a program.

  1. To watch a video in one of the media players go to the Explorer (<Windows-key>+<e>);
  2. Select the file and rightclick it with the mouse.
  3. From the context menu select "Open with", next select the mediaplayer.

Almost every mediaplayer has the option to watch the videos in slow motion (we couldn't find it in WinAmp Free). This option is useful if you want to see detail in a djembé video. Usually you'll find the options for speed adjustment in the menu Play (Lecture).

Tip: in the Media Player Classic start the video and use <Ctrl>+<arrow down> to gradually slow down speed. To increase speed use <Ctrl>+<arrow up>. With the left and right arrow keys you can browse frame by frame.

The Windows Media Player offers this option exclusively to the WMV format. A bit tricky if the video is saved in a different format, but at you can choose another format if needed.

  1. Click the button [Play Now] to open the advanced options for speed.
  2. Click on "Settings for playback speed".
  3. Now you will see a panel to control speed gradually. This way you can determine exactly how fast or how slow the video plays. Very handy if you want to explore and learn complex djembe solos.

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